Stay Cute and Comfy this Thanksgiving with these Outfit Ideas

Not sure what to wear to Thanksgiving? I’ve got you! Whether you are having a get together with family and friends or attending a zoom gathering, these looks are a perfect match. The fun part of making this blog is that nothing is new. No extra shopping trip was done virtual or in person . Just a mix of some of my fav’s that I find to be comfy and cute. I hope this gives you some inspiration to shop your own closet or help you find some pieces that you might need to compliment what you already own.

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Get Cozy In Fall Finds Under $40

IMG_7901 (1)

No better time to pamper yourself than Fall, so many transitions from wardrobe changes to skin care routines. It’s a time to get back to basics and for self care. Let’s all slow down, enjoy all the goodness that fall brings like warm toned landscapes, chilly days, and pumpkin spiced aroma that fill the air. I have put this fun list of a few of my favorite things that are too good not to share, and under $40 who can resist?

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