To Dye For


Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the rest of the summer, although it’s nice to plan ahead for fall, there are still many beautiful days left of warm beach days.

One trend that I really wanted to share and have been seeing all over is tie-dye.  It’s such a fun whimsical print that totally encapsulate all things summer.

If traditional multi-colored tie-dye isn’t your thing, check out a few examples of how you can transform this hippie trend into a wearable chic fun look!


Start small, like I have mentioned in previous blog posts the best way to gently introduce a trend into your wardrobe is through accessories. Swimwear is another easy way to test a trend out.

IMG_0326 (1)

One of the most “standard” pieces of clothing seen out there in tie-dye land is the t-shirt, which can feel campy and kitschy. This t-shirt dress version with an almost bleached out pattern is more playful than an overwhelming swirl.


What I really love about this t-shirt dress is that it is super comfortable and versatile. I wore this as a cover-up to the beach as well as to dinner, I just added a belt and a pair of cute sandals to complete the look. A few other ways to style this is to tuck it into jeans, pair it with leggings or go all out and incorporate another revival trend THE BICYCLE SHORT!

Attachment-1 (22)

Tie-Dye can come in a variety of color combinations, patterns, and intensities.

If you are ready to take the plunge how about a fun monochromatic dress?  Its a way more subtle version of the traditional multi-colored style.


Like with any trend you have to find what works best for you, and what you feel most comfortable in. My recommendation is to never rule anything out, always try something once, but always do it on your terms. If I only had a penny for each time I heard a client or a friend say, “I didn’t realize ____ * would look good on me until I tried it” I would be a millionaire.


If you need help trying to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe or just simply need some help figuring out your style I would love to help! I can work within your budget and timeline! Email me for more info!



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