Crochet Craze

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I know everyone’s first thought of when you say the word crochet is grandmas doilies. I am here to show you that its way more than just that. From crochet bikinis to handbags this is a trend that has come and gone over the years and its come around full circle once again.  I have been seeing this trend everywhere from the runway to department stores lately and wanted to share with you a few different ways you can realistically incorporate this trend into your day to day life.

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Remember when I just mentioned above that this trend has come and gone? Well not only did it live in the 70’s it was super prevalent in the 90’s so much so that this top above is from exactly then! That’s right my friend’s I rocked this baby as a teen!!  Did I also mention that I desperately wanted to own this trend in my closet, I had my mother make this one for me!! Thank goodness she saved this beauty! I wish I had pictures of my teen self wearing it, wouldn’t that be super fun to see?

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The great thing about crochet that it is comfy and lightweight, perfect for summer! This cardigan has a button closure so you can wear it buttoned up, belted or simply open and layered over a tank.

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If you are not ready to commit to wearing a piece of clothing with fear of looking like you are going to a festival, how about trying this trend through accessories, like a handbag! There are also other pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe like belts, earrings, and headbands! Accessories are always a fun way to pull off a trend without committing or on a budget.

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This handbag has a wooden top handle and inside has a strap that you can attach and wear as a crossbody, adorable and functional! It is also fully lined, something that you might want to consider when purchasing a crochet handbag if it is not lined you might lose a few things or have to use another bag inside to keep things from falling out.


The open weave is so light and airy, that whatever you wear underneath won’t be covered up, so don’t feel bad about putting this layer over that cute tank!

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Crochet is the new lace! It comes in a variety of styles and patterns, it is just finding the right one that works for you. Keeping it solid in color is what I like best, it feels more modern and fresh and less likely to look dated.

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Keeping it also to one color makes it more versatile and it can be worn with anything to anywhere. A little flowy top like this one is so delicate it actually does look like lace, pair this look with heels and you are ready for dinner on the town. How cute would this also be over a tank dress?! It’s all about mix and matching!

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This fun crop hoodie is the perfect casual top to throw over a bathing suit, or bodysuit. Style it with high waisted denim or biker shorts, to complete an easy summer look.

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Statement making, comfy and on trend do you need any more convincing? Just forget all the stereotypes and make it your own. The key to pulling it off is to keep all other layers simple and modern.

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No matter what your personal style there is a style for everyone! If you are buying a dress make sure it has a lining or a slip if you intend to wear it anywhere besides the beach or poolside. Tops should be worn with a tight fitting under layer like a bodysuit.

I wore the same bodysuit layered under all these looks,  how amazing that it works with all the pieces? That is the magic of purchasing good wardrobe staples.

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Still a little hesitant to try this trend? Consider a piece with a detail edge. Having a simple border on a hemline, neck or sleeve can be just enough to pull off this trend. This crochet hemline will add feminity without overpowering your look.

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Crochet is perfect for those who aren’t a fan of prints or busy fabrics, it adds a layer of texture and interest without being too busy, One of my favorite things about crochet is how versatile it is you can style it from refined to boho chic with just a few updates.


Hope you all get into this trend it so fun and easy!



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