Graphically Inclined


Fashion is a way of self-expression, and what better way of sharing your personal taste in music, art or favorite saying than on your t-shirt?! What is not to love about this graphic/ vintage tee trend going around?  Even if you are just attracted to the image and have no clue who Blondie is it’s just fun and can be nostalgic. A graphic tee is the easiest way to make a statement. A true vintage tee or style tee can be boxy and difficult to style in anything other than denim shorts or pants. The more updated versions with captions, memes or retro-inspired logos can have a lot going on and we tend to steer away from wearing them in other any way than a casual look. But why be so singled sided with a piece of clothing that we all probably all own in our closets? I am all about making the most out of every piece I own, I challenged myself that I could style these fun t-shirts with just skirts, and within that have them all have their own vibe and style, to show others how this trend can be long lasting!


Wild Child-  I changed the shape of this tee by tucking it into the skirt and rolling the sleeves up. Also, by the way, is a classic 80’s fashion move.  A wrap skirt is not only is easy to wear it is super flattering to any body type. The high leg slit adds a little rocker chic edge. And what is better than a tiger print to accompany this all fierce fearless rocker babe that is Blondie?!


I remember being a little girl and my older way cooler cousins would play a Blondie record on repeat. So many wonderful memories of dancing around pretending to be as cool as my older cousins were brought back to life when I saw this tee. Isn’t it so amazing how a simple little trend can bring so much joy?


Vintage Rocker- Pair a vintage band tee with a colorful pencil skirt and fun platform sandals for this look. So gnarly that it will give you major flashbacks of you rocking out to your favorite band.


This vintage inspired Pink Floyd tee is true to its original counterpart in color and shape, this loose-fitting style pairs well with a pencil skirt because it gives you a long lean line against to balance it the volume on top. I just tucked the front in to create a defined separation between the two pieces creating a more visible waistline.




Bohemian Flirt- A layered flirty skirt tucked in and belted with this delicate worn-in tee, creates this balanced look. Add some texture to your outfit by pairing it with natural fiber accessories.




Time Out Babe- Put on your high heels or kitten heels and cute hair accessory to have fun with your look! A form-fitting graphic tee tucked into a leg-bearing mini skirt will get you in the mood for a night on the town.



Glam Girl- Nothing says drama than a maxi skirt paired with gold accessories. The design of this tee looks like the imprint of my makeup wipes at the end of the night! But, seriously how cute is this Amazon find tee? For a polished look choose a tee that is form fitting that can be tucked in and give you this sleek silhouette.



The key to pulling off these looks is to have fun with it, and not take it too seriously. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when wanting to style your graphic tee in different ways.

  • Balance out proportions-  fitted tee with a flowy skirt; a crop tee with a high waisted skirt, a boxy tee with a more form-fitting skirt
  • Pattern Skirts- Incorporate from animal print polka dots
  • Drama- Layering in over the top pieces like a high slit skirt
  • Tuck it- Half tuck or full tuck your tee makes a relaxed look, more polished
  • Keep it Simple- Pair it with a simple skirt will make your tee shine
  • Accessorize- Add belts and fun colorful jewelry to complete a look
  • Color- Don’t be afraid to rock some bright colors
  • Comfort- Sneakers are always a perfect shoe choice (although I didn’t style any of the above looks with sneakers, they all would look adorable)


If you would love to rework your closet or any one item, and don’t know where to start, I would love to help! I can customize any package or service!  Contact me and lets chat!!

These beautiful photographs were taken by Photography By Andrea, click on the link to check her out!

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