Wear It To The Max


Maxi skirts are back in full force, because what’s not to love about them? They are easily comfortable to wear, versatile to dress up or down and you can skip shaving for days!

The reasons why you need a maxi skirt in your life are endless. Wear them to brunch, date night or simply running errands. In case you needed some more convincing  I have put together a few fun reasons why you need this wardrobe staple in your closet!


Simple to Pair Up–  They are so easy all you need to add is a top and you are ready to go, almost any top will do, t-shirt, button-down, sweater, bodysuit or even a crop if you are feeling extra sassy. Just try to keep the top fitted around the waist area if the skirt has some volume.


Not feeling like a Golden Goddess? –  If you are as pale as I am it takes a little bit to get that summer glow, wearing a maxi will keep your legs under wraps until you are ready to unveil that bronze! In between spray tans or an at home tanning experience go bad? Maxi skirt to the rescue!!!


Feeling a little prickly and don’t want to shave? Sometimes our legs need a break from all that exfoliating and shaving, while it’s way too hot for pants, maxi skirts are a cool and breezy way of letting you and your legs have some downtime from shaving.


 Feeling a little lazy-Wear it as a dress! Just throw it over your head add a belt and you are ready to go! Putting outfits together can be exhausting, and wearing a dress makes you always look pulled together.


Fit– If you are feeling bloated or just not exactly wanting to show your gorgeous curves off,  flowy skirts will elongate you and do not hug you in all the wrong places.

IMG_5841 (1)

Comfort-  There is nothing worse than feeling restricted in clothing. Not being able to sit down or bend over in fear of it being uncomfortable or exposing yourself is not fun nor fashionable. Having all that extra fabric gives you the ability to sit wherever or however you like and still feel like you are not showing off your goodies to the entire world.

IMG_5825 (1)

The number of ways you can style a maxi skirt is endless below are just a few examples

Pair a graphic tee, sneakers and a denim jacket for a casual cool vibe.

Wear it as a dress! Add a belt to great a waistline for a more tailored look. For a more casual look lose the belt and add some fun flip flops!

You can never go wrong with a white button-up shirt, I tied it in the front for a casual chic look, but if you are headed to the office you can tuck it in and add a belt. Even within these looks are more looks.. incredible!

Pair it with a bodysuit for a night out or an event, add a belt and heels to dress it up!


If you need some help finding the right maxi skirt for yourself or need some fresh new ideas on how to wear one you already own I would love to help! I offer various styling packages and can customize them to any of your needs! Email me whatthej@ccbyjc.com and lets chat!



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