How To Wear A Chain Belt



There are so many ways to refresh a wardrobe and make a personal statement, one fun trend that’s making the circuit is the chain belt.  I love a good comeback story and this 90’s revival is no exception. I mean who doesn’t remember the traditional Chanel tweed looks with one of their classic chain belts?? I sure do!


For this post, I chose a super inexpensive chain belt that is simple but still statement-making, to highlight that you don’t need to spend a fortune to pull off this trend.

Style It

Here a few ways to style your chain belt

Layer it over a coat, this creates a chic vibe by adding a textural dimension to your look


One-piece jumpsuit or boilersuit helps break up the look,  these pieces can sometimes be a bit shapeless and adding one of these beauties can do the trick.


With Jeans, over the loops or through the loops


Over a dress to highlight your natural waistline

IMG_3619 (2)


If that wasn’t enough here are few more ways to rock this belt.

  • Pair it with your swimwear- over your suit or cover-up
  • Style it sideways so the extra bit is in the front
  • It can also double as a necklace in a pinch



Why Try It?

Tidbits on why this should be in your closet

This trend has no seasonal boundaries or limits

It works on any body type

Takes up little to no space in your closet

Affordable – you don’t need to spend a fortune but if you do splurge its worth the investment

Easy to pack, just stow away with your jewelry

It instantly dresses up any outfit


There you have it so many great tips and reasons why this trend is a no- brainer!














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