Get Cozy In Fall Finds Under $40

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No better time to pamper yourself than Fall, so many transitions from wardrobe changes to skin care routines. It’s a time to get back to basics and for self care. Let’s all slow down, enjoy all the goodness that fall brings like warm toned landscapes, chilly days, and pumpkin spiced aroma that fill the air. I have put this fun list of a few of my favorite things that are too good not to share, and under $40 who can resist?


Nothing feels more comforting than the warm scent of vanilla,  this Diptyque Vanille is my all time favorite. The 2.5 size is perfect for travel and making your overnight stays away from home feel as cozy as you do in your own bed. Even though its petite in size the fragrance diffuses up to 700 ft.  It looks adorable at home on a night side table or vanity, and the bonus is once  the candle is done you can use it as a mini vase, container to put make up brushes in or jewelry! How perfect is that? I absolutely love that it can be re purposed in so many ways!


I honestly can not say enough good things about these slippers, they are unbelievable soft and comfortable. They are perfect for lounging around at home but have a thick enough sole that you can wear them out in a pinch. Who hasn’t run around looking for shoes just to run out quickly to the grocery store or pick up line? These are a steal at under $30. Treat yourself or give them as a gift!


Keeping up with the multipurpose items, faux fur blankets are a staple in my home, you can find them in any room you enter. Not only are they the best to snuggle up with they add so much richness and texture to the design of your room.  I always suggest one for all my design clients. Wrap them around your self while sipping on some hot cider or toss them in the car for a leaf peeping adventure. You will never find the end of ways to use this throw. 


For me loosing that summer glow is a bummer and I feel like my skin always need a little nourishment and pick me up right after.  This shower oil is super hydrating, without being greasy, and did I mention how amazing it smells? I just use it in the shower daily right before I get out, no need to moisturize after (unless its winter and your skin is parched). Chillier temps are coming and so is dry skin, do yourself a favor and be prepared with this fabulous shower oil.


I have been living in this set, the material is beyond luxe and  is incredibly comfortable and versatile. Wear each piece separately or as a complete look. Make a few adjustments and these two pieces can bring you from day to night.

Hope you enjoyed this cozy little round up of fall finds under $40! Buy them for yourself of treat someone you know! Go ahead and indulge !!

XO, Julia

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