Denim Layer of Fall


One of my favorite ways to layer for Fall is with a denim jacket. Whether it is a classic cut and color or an embellished colored version, I’m all in! They can keep you warm on chillier days while changing up the vibe of your outfit. Denim jackets are definitely one piece worth investing in as they never go out of style. One of my favorite things to do within my own wardrobe is to mix up a classic piece.   Here are some fun ways to change up your wardrobe with a  non classic denim jacket.  If you like to keep your closet on the more classic side, you can most definitely apply these tips to ANY denim jacket style or color!

DSC_0728 (1)

Dresses can be so fun and beautiful on their own, however, they usually have a short life span of seasonal wear. Prolong its life by layering a denim jacket over it.


Denim jackets do not have to be blue and a classic in style, try experimenting with colored denim. Black is a great option if you are wanting to pair it with your traditional blue jeans, Although a Canadian tuxedo can be fun ( blue denim with blue denim) its not for everyone.


Details like a ruffle, fringe or studs are a great way to show some personality and add a twist to any garment.


Having different trims on a jacket can not only make it unique it can also help change up the vibe of your outfit. A ruffle like the one on my jacket definitely adds a feminine edge.


Next up, your standard tee shirt – pant combo. From day to night, summer to fall, it is the perfect layering piece!



Not only are the style and color of a denim jacket important, how you wear it is also a game changer.


A few  fresh ways to style a denim jacket:

  • over the shoulders
  • buttoned up
  • belted
  • cuff the sleeves
  • pop your collar
  • tie it around your waist
  • add a brooch or pin
  • personalize it  ex: monogram or initials


So there you have it!  Some fun tips on how to transition your wardrobe by getting the most out of a closet staple. It’s all about making it your own! If you love my jacket, dress or tee you can shop those beauties and more online at Cents of Style and use code JULIA20 for 20% off the entire site!!

Don’t forget to include a denim jacket in your next #OOTD

Photography by Photography By Andrea

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2 thoughts on “Denim Layer of Fall

  1. Thanks for the tips, Julia! I love all looks especially the one with throwing the denim jacket on top! This way, we still can wear our summer dresses but tough them up with some cool jackets. And finish up with a cool hat and a slouchy boots are very sharp! Thanks for these fall outfit inspirations 🙂


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