Get Corded


Ever want a cozy alternative to denim while staying stylish? Corduroy is the perfect fall and winter fabric to complement any closet. There are a few types of corduroy and choosing which version of this comfy fabric is right for you can be a little daunting. To help you out here is a little basic info to guide you through your selection process.

Corduroy is a woven fabric with raised ribs that run vertically and parallel to each other that are called wales. Wales can come in a variety of widths and depending on how many ridges per inch there are, lets you know which type it is.


Some examples of wales and what pieces work best with each type:

Standard Wale: 11 ridges per inch is super versatile and can be used on pretty much any article of clothing,

Wide Wale/Elephant: a thicker width of the cord has 8 ridges per inch commonly used on coats.

Pinwheel/Pincord: it is the finest cord having 16 ridges per inch and is well suited for pieces like skirts, dresses, and shirts.

DSC_1543 (5)

Ok! Now that all the technical stuff is out of the way, onto the fun stuff! How to style your cords! I absolutely love this suspender style cord from Cents of Style, slightly high waisted and straight leg, such a fun updated version. Easily pair your cord pants with printed tops to balance out the weight of the fabric.


If you haven’t worn this fabric before, start off by pairing classic wale pants with a sweater or lightweight knit. By swapping out layers such as jackets, scarves, shoes, and accessories you can transform any look you can create a simple chic look that you can wear anywhere.


DSC_1569 (1)

Some more tips on how to introduce this closet staple into your fall/winter wardrobe.

  • Dress up your cords with a silk or lace top
  • Play with the pattern and texture with other patterns by layering in tops with organic shape prints such as florals
  • Think of corduroy fabric as a basic like denim
  • Keep it modern and fresh, choose cuts like straight leg and skinny, avoid bootcut it can make your outfit look  like a 70’s  inspired costume
  • Mini skirts can be a great way of testing  out this fabric
  • Edge up any piece with leather or denim


There it is a simple corduroy guide! If you have any questions about how to incorporate corduroy in your closet or need any styling services please feel free to email me I’d love to help!


Super special shout out to Andrea Brown for these amazing photographs along with Luina Greine Farm for being the most gracious hosts if you are local be sure to check them out! 



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