Trend Alert !! The Boiler Suit

Trend Alert !! The Boiler Suit


Looking to be stylish and comfy at the same time? I have the perfect wardrobe solution, that will put you on trend with this season’s most comfortable and time-saving look the boiler suit! This utility style has made its way from out of people’s basements to the runway! Traditionally this suit was made out of rigid fabrics, but luckily for us, you can find them in all types of soft fabrics such as lightweight denim, silk, and cotton. Continue reading “Trend Alert !! The Boiler Suit”

Stylish Scarf-ing Part Deux


As promised here is the second part of the how to style a scarf blog post. I really just wanted to share how quick and easy you can change your outfit and get more of a range of different looks with one scarf. The previous post featured a small super inexpensive handkerchief scarf, on this post I am wearing a larger vintage scarf that I purchased a few years back.

A larger scarf gives you more options of ways to style it—fold, wrap or tie it, there are so many ways to be creative and turn it into a statement piece.


Wrapping it around your waist is a super fun way to add a pop of color and break up a solid look. Here I accessorized a jumpsuit with it, sometimes it can be difficult to wear a one piece adding a scarf can help define your waist avoiding that weird bum shape look that can happen with a loose flowy jumpsuit.


Simply just fold the scarf in half diagonally into a triangle, face the point to the side, tie the other, and that’s it! You can also use this technique on a long skirt or dress.

Sometimes belts can be uncomfortable and stiff around your waist, a scarf is very soft and will not dig into your skin when you sit down. It can be such a chic and unexpected detail.


Here is another simple way to add some style to any outfit, with the same fold as before, wrap it around your neck so the point faces downward and tie the loose ends in the back of your neck.


The handle wrap! A great way to either jazz up a pre-loved handbag showing some wear on the strap or just to add some color and print to a new one. This can also protect it from getting dirty and worn out. Style and Utility who knew?!

This is a fun and easy way to style your handbag without having to buy something new!


A classic knot, for this look, fold your scarf diagonally to create a triangle then roll from crease to corner, center it in front of your neck, then wrap it around, tying a knot in the front or a bow, and just like that it’s done!


There are many ways to tie a scarf in your hair since this scarf was a little longer and I really wanted to highlight the fun color and pattern of it, I did a simple wrap around the bun and tied it underneath, you could also tie it on the top, but to me it feels too much like bunny ears flopping around. I actually just rolled my hair into a bun without an elastic and wrapped the scarf around the bun to hold it in place and tied it into a knot. I have super heavy hair and loved that I didn’t have to use an elastic. Elastics no matter how soft they are, end up breaking my hair, so finding out that a scarf could hold it up without pulling or damaging it was a wonderful surprise.

img_1995img_2112 (1)

For an effortless look, roll the scarf diagonally and just drape it around your neck, this is a great way to show off the pattern of the scarf and add more color to your outfit.

A silk scarf is a timeless accessory that instantly updates your wardrobe and personal style.

I hope this two-part blog series has inspired you to try out this super easy and chic look. You will be so surprised on how much it can transform an outfit and how good it looks on you!


Here are some fun scarves I found that I thought you would love, including a fantastic book that teaches you the art of the scarf, and it will look gorgeous on your coffee table!