Denim Dress


Spring is here… umm maybe? The weather has been as temperamental as a toddler without a nap! Deciding what to wear has been a struggle because of it.  So having one dress that can easily transition with the weather is a must!  A dress that can work with the weather and be perfect for almost any occasion, say what?! Well, I have found it, a denim dress! Here are a few tips on how to layer while dressing for the playground or a girls night out!

The style dress I chose is a button down A-line cut with straps, the tips I give for this style dress can be applied to most any other style dress. What is great is that in order to do this you don’t need to break the bank or run out and buy something new.

All you need are a few staples:

  • Cardigan
  • T-Shirt
  • Colorful or Statement Accessories


On chillier days, add a cardigan over the dress cross over the opening and add a belt! Not only with this keep you nice and cozy it will give you a more conservative look. Adding the belt is also a way to highlight your wait giving you more of an hourglass shape. Because the dress has buttons down the front I like for the cardigan to have none or any type of closures. Keeps the look simple and polished!


Having denim as a baseline for this look makes it so easy to pair with anything in your closet. I added some fun color with my pom pom clutch and multi-colored cardi. This look is great for attending school events or if you are headed to the office.


What a difference a belt can make! By just removing the belt and the way the cardigan is worn, it creates a totally new look probably more suited as a night time look. Changing up your hairstyle is another way to make an outfit feel different.


We layered over for a warm and cozy look, layering under a cute basic white tee can also keep the chill away on a brisk spring day. Adding a t-shirt gives you enough coverage and flexibility to be able to move freely and not expose yourself while bending over. And it looks super cute!! Denim is the ultimate neutral so have fun with it by adding some fun prints and color to your look. Espadrilles are a great way of doing just that,  not only are they colorful but are super comfy for running around doing errands, a weekend look or just simply keeping up with a little one.


Some fun colorful and whimsical accessories to keep his look casual but still stylish.


Next up, just the dress itself!  no layers under or over because hopefully there will be some warm spring days coming our way!!


Changed up the shoes, bag, and hair. A sparkly headband takes the place of jewelry. For me the silver button clasps act almost as an accessory and adding a necklace would feel over accessorized.


Its all about balance and what feels right to you. Having a great staple in your closet can multiply the looks you can get out of it and make it last for more than one season. When you are out shopping take into consideration how you can wear that piece and will it compliment what you already own. And remember that not only will you be shopping with a purpose, but you will also save so much money, by not wasting money on things you will never wear.

If you are looking to purchase some staple pieces for your wardrobe and do not know where to start or just in need of a closet makeover, I would love to help! As a stylist, my services vary and can be custom designed to fit your needs.  For more info email me @

I have linked below similar dresses to the one I am wearing if you would like to shop them simply click on each image.




Women's Sleeveless Button Front Denim Dress - Universal Thread™ - image 1 of 3




6 thoughts on “Denim Dress

  1. Love all these ideas! And love shopping with a purpose and using what you already have so you don’t buy things you don’t need 💙


    1. Thank you sooo much !! You have made my day!! My goal is to help people make more of what they already have and to understand what works best for them! I am so glad that you are getting inspired!! Thank you for your comment I truly appreciate it!


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