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We all talk about self-care and take time to pamper ourselves with creams and concoctions. But what about the real you, you know the person inside you that really counts? How do you take care of your mental and spiritual self? Because let’s face it if your insides aren’t doing well no matter how you dress the outside you will never be happy with yourself or others.  It’s so hard to find a balance in life, for me it’s finding the time to be able to reconnect and recenter. I am always looking for a way to better myself, and not get carried away by little insignificant things that can be so distracting. Yoga has always been something I practiced on and off my entire adult life, and always felt so much better after a session. I would practice occasionally at home, but it was never the same as when in a studio. I know when you hear and see the word yoga you think you have to be super flexible and have a zen buddha decorated haven to practice in, nope not at all!   I reached out the best yoga instructor I know which is also the owner and founder of  Buddha Nest Yoga Anne Dries for some at home tips to learn how to decompress and be mindful in our day to day lives. Here are a few super easy poses you can do in the comfort of your own home.


Namaste Hands– When bringing your hands together we are connecting the right and left hemispheres of our brain, composing ourselves, coming closer to our center, to the core of who we are, our heart.


Surya Mudra– Meditation seated pose, helps us feel more at ease and light in our body! When you place your hands in a certain position like connecting your thumb and ring finger, you stimulate energy to flow to that area of the body. In meditation, it is sent to the mind.


Tree Pose– This pose is known to enhance confidence and create a more positive level of self-esteem. Standing tall and proud with good posture, whether in a variation or balancing whole-heartedly on one foot, the alignment alone broadens the shoulders, opens your heart, and raises your feel-good factor.


King Pigeon–  It relieves tension in the chest and shoulders, and it also stimulates the abdominal organs, which helps to regulate digestion.


Banana Tree– This pose was created by Anne, it is the combination of bananasana plus reclining tree pose, helps with circulating energy, intention, and karma back around.

How amazing that you can get so many benefits from simple poses that you can do anywhere?  As you can see that I am not a yogi or a yoga master, and my poses are not perfect. You can modify each pose to your comfort level. But in yoga, you do not need to be an expert to reap the benefits.

IMG_4193 (1)

Being comfortable is a must when I am trying to relax, and if an elastic band is too tight my mind starts to wander and that’s the end of me opening any chakras lol.. I was so excited when my favorite local shop Indigo started carrying athleisure wear, brand Girlfriend, they are so soft but the compression on these babies are amazing, and each piece is made from recycled water bottles.


These pieces are not only comfy to work out in but also stylish and flattering you can wear all day feeling put together and stylish!

I want to thank Anne from Buddha Nest Yoga for taking the time to meet with me and provide me with an understanding of the benefits of each yoga pose. If you are local I highly recommend taking one of Anne’s classes, in particular, her new guided meditation class – Unwind- This class offers a retreat from the daily grind and everyday stresses. During the session, students lay back on a divinely supportive cushion in a relaxing candle-lit environment. Gentle music, vibrational sounds, and Anne’s soothing voice will guide students into a mind state of bliss and relaxation.

I hope that these tips can help you in your day to day life, I know that sometimes we don’t have time to run to a studio, but hopefully, these simple poses give you the tools you need to de-stress, cope with daily tensions and maintaining balanced and centered.

All these looks can be shopped including the water bottles featured at Indigo of Groton.




2 thoughts on “Feel Good Look Good

  1. Thank you for some great tips! I tried Anne’s Unwind class today and it was wonderful- so relaxing. And these photos are gorgeous! 💙


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