Florals Do You Or Don’t You?

coverSpring is finally here and in full swing! For many, this means it’s event season like Mothers Day brunches, bridal, baby showers and of course weddings. The eternal question is what do I wear? What is appropriate to wear?  My suggestion is not that original but it’s for sure a classic.

The Floral print! Springtime we see an abundance of this print, and for sure its super fun and flirty, but how do you find the right print for yourself? Floral print can be flattering on everyone it is just finding the right print for you.


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To make your floral matchmaking easier, I have broken it down for you.

Scale- Floral prints can range in size and shape small prints are more subtle and delicate, a larger print will emphasize the contrast of the print and appear bolder and statement making.


Color- Contrast of print can make a print look larger or smaller depending on the colors. The higher the contrast in color the more vivid the print will appear and honestly a little trickier to pull off. If the distinction in color is subtle it makes the pattern easier to wear.



Density of Print-  Just like contrast can make the print look bigger so can the density of the print, if it is a more sparse print the negative space will create an illusion of your body being larger, a more dense print is the most flattering and has a slimming effect as there is no focal point to focus on. In a sense, it almost creates the appearance of a solid color, while the print with a lot of negative space around it creates individual focus points. The size of the print doesn’t matter it can be small or large it the density that impacts how it looks on your body.

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Personality- I am a firm believer in wear what makes you happy and feel good, don’t follow rules and please do not buy or wear something that looks good on someone else. Try things on and buy for you! Show off your personality through your fashion and in this case a pretty floral print!pinkgreen2 (1)

pinkgreen3 (1)

I couldn’t think of a more beautiful setting than the Tower Hill Botanic Garden to take this shoot, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate setting to show off floral prints than in this magical place. Thank you to Tower Hill Botanic Garden for allowing myself and  Photography by Andrea to take these photographs. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Tower Hill Botanic Garden I strongly suggest that you make a special trip out there to experience its beauty.  These photos only show a glimpse of how amazing this 171-acre property is.



Thank you Photography By Andrea for capturing these beautiful photographs, if you are local and want stunning photos like these contact Andrea @ photographybyandrea@rocketmail.com or 973.223.1504


You can easily shop my looks by clicking on the links below.






Hope this post has helped you find your perfect floral print match!!






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