Trend Alert !! The Boiler Suit


Looking to be stylish and comfy at the same time? I have the perfect wardrobe solution, that will put you on trend with this season’s most comfortable and time-saving look the boiler suit! This utility style has made its way from out of people’s basements to the runway! Traditionally this suit was made out of rigid fabrics, but luckily for us, you can find them in all types of soft fabrics such as lightweight denim, silk, and cotton.

Unlike jumpsuits, boiler suits have a relaxed roomy fit, if you dislike the baggy look opt for the belted type. Colorwise, for a more wearable day-to-day look, choose one in neutral colors such as denim, khaki or black.

Here are a few ways to rock this look and incorporate it into your day-to-day life.


Belt it!

The boiler suit I purchased from H&M came with a belt but a fun way to switch it up is to add your own belt.


Warm it up!

On chillier days layer it up from beneath with a turtleneck for some warmth and pair it with heeled booties for a chic style.


A black blazer either worn on or draped over the shoulders can bring this suit to the office. What a fun way to update your work wardrobe.


Bag it!

Use a bag to break up this one piece, by simply changing up your handbag it can dress it up or down.


Roll it!

Roll up the hems add a bootie and you are ready for an impromptu evening event.


Accessorize it!

Add statement earrings, vintage pins or a fun bag for a personalized twist.


Dress it up!

Strappy gold sandals dress it up, the juxtaposition of what is normally seen as a work suit with the delicate gold sandal create the perfect balanced look.


Guild it!

Add a touch of glamour with hints of metallic, or different fabric textures such a velvet.


Layer it!

Add a fun color cardi over it for a punch of extra color, and it will also make the suit look like separates. I used the belt that came with it to create more of a fitted silhouette over the cardigan.

Wearing flats like espadrilles or sneakers make it perfect for staying comfy and stylish!


Keep it Casual!

Wear over a striped tee for a laid back look. Unfolding the cuff on the pants, removing the belt and wearing sneakers also gives it a casual vibe.


Mix and matching accessories and layers are the names of the game. When styled correctly, the boiler suit is a cool, any occasion ready outfit!

I would like to give out a serious shout out to the amazing people at Shattuck Oil in Pepperell, MA.  Everyone at Shattuck Oil, especially Mary (that took my call and made sure that my pictures would not be for something… ummmm distasteful) were BEYOND welcoming.  They were so kind to allow James and I shoot my editorial version of a boiler suit in action!  It was one of the most fun shoots that I have ever taken! I could not believe how gracious this team was, even giving us access to their tools and workspace! Thank you, everyone, at Shattuck Oil for being so open and supportive to this local gal. #notanad #justpeoplesupportingpeople #shattuckoilpepperellma


Unfortunately, my boiler suit sold out quickly at H&M but I have liked a few great ones below!


TOPSHOP Denim Utility Boilersuit, Main, color, MID DENIM

Slide View: 1: Surplice Chambray Jumpsuit

product 1


7 thoughts on “Trend Alert !! The Boiler Suit

  1. Although I wouldn’t wear this at my age. I do love and approve of the look, and you look great by the way! Glad you found an outlet with all that expertise with your educational background in the Art of fashion and beauty consulting! Way to go cousin Julia.


  2. I love this look! Especially since I’m a jeans girl. I can see myself wearing the last jumpsuit you shared with some coffee cute flats. Such a great trend. Thank you for sharing Julia!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very nice. Not sure I can rock this at my age, but definitely a cute look for spring. Maybe I’ll get one for my 17-year-old daughter and “steal” it. Oh, and really cute shoot. I give you a lot of credit for navigating the shop in those shoes!


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