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One of my favorite stores to shop at for fun pieces is H&M, although it can be hit or miss, for me it’s usually a hit! It used to be a struggle to go in and have to go up a size or two because I felt like they ran really small especially the pants. They have recently decided to fix and update their sizing to be more reflective of the industry standard. They announced this back in the summer and it is now finally hitting stores. For me it’s not about always having to be a certain size, it’s about not having to go back and forth to the fitting room trying on clothes and guessing what size to try next. Blindly buying a size online and praying that it fits is no fun so I am super happy that they are moving in the right direction. In addition to the sizing adjustment H&M also announced that they will be carrying up to a size 26 in certain stores and online. Yay H&M keep it going! I was so excited that some of these changes are slowly happening in the stores, I just had to share some of my favorite looks they have for the holiday season.


This dress is super comfortable and flattering, layer it under a cardigan or a great blazer for a more modest look, the white little detail is so adorable, reminiscent of a Chanel detail.



Another stylish and comfortable look,  this dress has some great detail on the fabric and throughout it, the sleeves are belled with an adorable button closure.




Everywhere I look I see this trend of little pom poms, it’s so cute and playful, it’s a great way to add interest to your outfit without adding more colors. This heart-shaped sweater design also comes in other colors but ’tis the season so I chose red.


Loved these high waisted jeans with some stretch they are very flattering! Finally, I was able to put on a pair of jeans there without having to guess my size.

IMG_9158 (1)


A suit that feels like loungewear?! Yes, please!! This suit had to be my favorite pieces that we photographed, both are super versatile to be worn together or independently like shown in the below pictures.

IMG_8918 (1)

Here I mixed up the jacket with denim, that is just one option, you can also wear a cami or a turtleneck underneath, or over a dress. Change the belt up and use one of your favorites from your wardrobe!


How cute is the little polka dot detail on the fabric?! I really love that it has pockets so if you wear it over a dress you will always have a place to put little items that you need.

I gotta admit its a little Hugh Hefner vibes but hey if it worked for him why not give this look a try!



Anyone else living for a good bodysuit? Because I sure am! Especially with a high waisted jean.  Again, this is a piece that can be won in so many ways, you can wear it under a cardigan, blazer, or even a v neck sweater. It would also be super fun with a skirt and over the knee boots.


I wanted to show how you could get a different look with the same pants so I paired it with a sweatshirt, so fun and modern!

IMG_9201 (1)



This sweater dress is so festive, perfect for wearing alone or with leggings underneath. Unfortunately, this is sold out online, but I have added a perfect substitution below.


I really love mixing things up and getting the most out of my wardrobe, anytime I pick something out in a store I think of the ways I can wear it. If it’s only something that will only give me one look, then I most likely will pass on it. This is one way to ensure you will fill your closet with things that you will wear and not just sit there an collect dust.

Hope you enjoyed this little post and remember if you go out to an H&M store bring a bag of clothes to donate and receive 15% off!

Fine-knit Dress - Black/white - Ladies | H&M US 1

Jacquard-weave Dress - Red - | H&M US 1

Jacquard-weave BlazerJacquard-weave Pants

Super Skinny High Jeans - Light denim blue - Ladies | H&M US 1

Pattern-knit Sweater - Bright red/hearts - Ladies | H&M US 2

Mesh BodysuitModel

Jacquard-knit Dress - Black/leopard print - Ladies | H&M CA 1

Pumps Model

Suede Clutch Bag - Black - Ladies | H&M US 1

2 Pairs EarringsModel

Long Earrings - Red - Ladies | H&M US 1

Felted Hat Model

9 thoughts on “H&M Holiday

  1. There’s so much in this post I love! That first dress, the black suit. Loved that you paired the jacket with jeans, so cute! That red heart pom pom sweater AND that black lace shirt! I need all this in my life NOW! Great post!

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