Faux Fur Baby


It’s no surprise to anyone that knows or follows me that I love a good print, especially a great one like a leopard! Its fun and timeless and can make any outfit feel pulled together. From holiday parties to everyday looks.


Since its getting a little chiller its the perfect excuse to pull out my cozy plush faux fur leopard jacket. I have owned mine for a couple of years now and I always look forward to wearing it every late fall and winter. What better way to upgrade your look than with a statement making faux fur?


Taking risks and making it fun is what it is all about. If a print is too much for your style, there are some great solid faux furs out there. Another great idea is to try a vest or a great stole to test this trend out.


If you are petite perhaps a short hair fur and cut at the hip style would work best for you. It’s about balance and proportion outerwear that is too big and bulky can easily overwhelm your body shape.

IMG_7733 (1)

There are many advantages to choosing a faux fur coat, they tend to be made out of synthetic fibers which make them easy to clean and store. They also can last longer I have found some vintage faux furs that look and feel brand new.


A few tips to follow when looking for a good quality faux fur: feel the fibers, they should be silky and have a glossy sheen if it is corse it may irritate your skin, a great faux fur should retain its shape meaning when its touched it should quickly bouce back to its shape, and lastly look for the acrylic fibers called kanecaron and tissavel they have the best texture and will last longer.


There are so many great options out there whether you are looking for a whimsical coat or want to spend a little more and have a quality faux fur. The best advice I can give is just to feel confident in whatever you choose to wear! I have linked below some great affordable options that will look great on anyone!!

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