Diva for a Day


I was so excited when  Dacey Zouzas from Dacey’s Divas Show and the Z List asked if I would like to come on her show to talk about the blog. I immediately said YES without any hesitation!!!  And then thought WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??!!

I met Dacey at  Miss Cambodia America pageant a few years back that I was one of the judges and she covered for her column Style the Z List in the Lowell Sun newspaper. Ever since then I have religiously followed her through her social media and columns, and admired her work. Dacey is a dedicated fashionista that covers local events, primarily charity events, and hosts a show highlighting women. How could I say no to this fabulous Diva that I admire and look up to? I could never pass up an opportunity to talk about my blog and what I love doing!

IMG_7198 (1)

Just the thought and excitement of being on TV gave me butterflies in my stomach, as I am not the most comfortable person when put on the spot. I have been known to stutter and just ramble and say nonsense. I tried to focus on what I love and know the best FASHION. I spent my time prior to filming focused on what I was going to bring that was fun, fashionable, and mostly inexpensive, (except of course for a couple of investment pieces) I shopped and scoured my closet to pull a great little capsule for fall. And just like that, it was D day!! Time to film!!


There is so much that is involved in filming behind the scenes. It was so cool to get an inside look and sit it the producer’s chair. I kept on running back and forth during set up to make sure everything looked balanced, centered and perfect. This is the merchandiser and stager side of me that came out. It was beyond exciting to look down and see my logo and slogan on the stage.


I think what really helped me was having my sidekick, partner in crime and photographer extraordinaire by my side James Cole. He was my right-hand man helping me lug all that stuff from my car in the rain through a building down to the studio. He continually gave me words of encouragement and strength, took pictures and well…. he did it ALL with a smile on his face. And to add to his bag of tricks he is an amazing Make Up Artist. He is a man of many talents and I appreciate every fiber of his being. I spoke a little about how we met on the show so definitely check it out.


Trying to get everything set up was a mad dash, I always feel like I am going to run out of time so I run around like a mad woman trying to get stuff done.  Did I mention how hot it was ?? Yikes, those lights were intense, I was sweating bullets within seconds. My inexperience with studio lighting lead me to wear what I thought was a perfect cozy fall sweater. It was absolutely was too warm and the color on camera almost matched my hair. Lesson learned don’t wear anything too warm or anything golden whilst having blonde hair.


I really went back and forth about what to wear for the show, I wanted my look to compliment the capsule I curated but not be too matchy matchy.


I kept the capsule clothing simple and fun, with animal print, fringe, faux and vintage furs, plaid and vests.  I wanted to showcase how all these items could be mixed and matched with each other. Keeping with browns, gold, and a neutral palette for a fall.


So naturally, I chose to wear the color of the season mustard or as I affectionately call it gold. Since I used leopard print in the capsule I thought it would be fun to wear another animal print, snakeskin. I love the contraposition of the chunky sweater with the silk skirt, I find this look to be super chic and on trend. I kept my accessories simple as I had a lot going on with color and print and let’s not forget the fishnet ankle socks. I was going to wear booties with the skirt but then last minute I chose the shoes instead and at the super last minute added the socks, and am so glad I did. It just solidifies my feelings on just going with your gut and do not take fashion too seriously.


The accessories I chose were more statement pieces with a fun flair, I even used my own personal fanny pack and my newly acquired investment piece handbag. Above is a closer look at all the whimsical pieces.


A simple vest can turn an office blazer look into a girls night out sophisticated chic look.


One of my favorite accessories for fall/winter are hats, I think a great hat can tie any look together.  This wide rimmed fedora from Target is the perfect example.


A special thank you to the beautiful inside and out Dacey Zouzas for having me on her show and for supporting me through this new venture. How adorable was it that we both matched and it was completely unintentional!!

Thank you so much for following along my TV debut, if you haven’t checked it out please do, and don’t forget to like and comment. I would love to hear what you guys thought of the show! You can catch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEQNJMLz_f4&t=83s or click on the first photo of the blog.

I added below the items that I wore on the show or similar ones, unfortunately, the sweater has sold out and my black pumps are from many seasons ago from Zara. But I have found some great substitutes at great prices! Stay tuned for my next blog where I showcase all the clothing and accessories from this show!!





Image 1 of BLACK METALLIC PUMPS from Zara

Image 1 of TWO-PACK OF FISHNET SOCKS from Zara

Knit Turtleneck Sweater Model



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