Fashionably Making a Difference


IMG_4362Fall is a time to take strolls, shop adorable neighborhood boutiques, admire the foliage, and debut some great looks! I am so fortunate to live in a quintessential New England town and am able to do all of it.

There is a beautiful boutique right off of the center of my town that is owned by a pair of fashionable sisters  Laura and Susan and they are the owners of Indigo of Groton.  The shop is filled with chic clothing for women and some unique children’s pieces as well as accessories and home accents. Their concept is simply brilliant and admirable, they only carry merchandise that is socially conscious. Most of their items are from women-owned and operated businesses with only a few exceptions, ranging from local to global artisans.

Supporting and empowering women is the foundation of why they built this business and I am so glad they did! Who doesn’t love to wear clothes that are not only beautiful but also ethically sourced? Their pieces are classic, chic and with a twist of fun and most importantly comfortable. I recently visited their shop and fell in love with EVERYTHING but here are a few of my fav looks!


You can’t deny that this sweater is a show stopper, I immediately was drawn to it and was the first thing I grabbed to try on.  Color blocking with stripes is on trend this season, paired up with these mid-rise crop denim its a win!

I really love cropped denim for showcasing booties and even sneakers, owning the perfect pair should be a wardrobe staple. They can be worn summer to fall and even winter if you have the right lace-up boot.



Remember when I mentioned fun? This is a perfect example of it, skulls do not have to be only worn during Halloween,  who can recall the Alexander Mc Queen skull coveted print? I personally cannot resist them especially when it’s on such a soft sweater. Having a fun print or design on a sweater brings a basic outfit into a more personalized stylish version of itself.



Switch it up with a pair of green khakis, they are a bit dressier than the traditional beige. How about wearing them with a black blazer and white t-shirt or a great check blouse? Worn here with my favorite sweater from the shop it’s more on the casual side but what if I paired it with a great pair of heels, blazer, and necklace? I would be date night ready!



Keeping it casual has always been a struggle for me, but with some not so basic basics that have the right fit, I can feel comfortable and stylish. This is the perfect example of how I do casual, without running to my closet in search for sweats.  A lightweight neutral jacket,  a cotton sweater, and a pair of really good leggings. You know the kind that actually looks black and are not see through or show every bump on dimple? Yeah, those.



Making the most of your wardrobe by investing in a few staple quality pieces is key, you will be able to use and reuse them for years to come.  I mixed and matched these staple pieces and added different accessories and a new hairstyle, and just like that, I created three new looks with the same one sweater.


And how cute is the 3/4 sleeve cuff? Talk about details, notice how the knit work is different from the sleeves to the front of the sweater, this is what makes this sweater unique and versatile.



Speaking of details, how about this leather backpack? Isn’t it gorgeous? You can spot it in many of the pictures because I did not want to put it down and it went with everything. I have to tell you I have seen this backpack trend for a bit and was not totally sold on it, maybe because I hadn’t seen any that I really loved that didn’t cost a fortune. But I really loved this one, it felt feminine, on-trend and super convenient.


Having a few right core pieces in your wardrobe is more essential than having hundreds of items that you never wear and that sit in your closet.  Keep in mind versatility and quality when shopping for your wardrobe staples.

I had so much fun trying on all these beautiful pieces and knowing that they were ethically sourced made me love them even more. I am thankful that such a mindful shop exists where I live, and if you live near Groton, Massachusetts you shave to go check it out! When you stop by make sure to mention this blog post and receive 20% off one item!! How amazing is that?!

Thank you so much to the wonderful women that own Indigo of Groton, Laura, and Susan for your support and for letting me play dress up with your gorgeous clothing!





6 thoughts on “Fashionably Making a Difference

    1. Thank you! I am glad you liked them. Yes, all pieces are available at Indigo of Groton and remember to mention the blog and you will get 20% off one item! How cool is that? I loved these leggings, they fit beautifully and felt even better!


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