Memory Making Last Minute Valentines Gifts

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Nothing, like celebrating the people we love the most, and taking a day out of the year to be extra lovey-dovey, is even better!! I really enjoy giving gifts that are experiences or a multiphase gift.  Isn’t it so great to be able to have a memory of an experience or receive something in the mail when you do not expect it?

I absolutely love giving these types of gifts for any celebratory occasion, like this year for Christmas I gave my mother a weekend away in Newport RI and tickets to visit the mansions, what better gift is there than spending time making memories with a loved one?!

Here are some fun gift giving ideas that are also great for last minute shoppers!!

Just create a cute voucher in a card or a box dress it all up fancy schmancy and you are all set!

cropped-bowicon1.pngNevermind floating on clouds, try a safer version with your partner and try out Indoor Skydiving? My husband really wanted to skydive but I was too afraid to let him jump out of a plane and got him an indoor skydiving experience instead and guess what he LOVED IT!! To dress up this gift there are these cute skydiving guy magnets you can add to the box with the gift card. For locals, you can try not? Grab a great subscription to a wine of the month club, and every time a new bottle or bottles show up have an intimate date night at home with your love. A great idea to give along is a corkscrew!cropped-bowicon1.png

I have done a few different tours of breweries and had so much fun, but how about taking it to the next level and do a bus brewery tour! The bus brings you door to door to many local breweries some of them even include some yummy food. Add on trinket can be a bottle opener.  Locals can check out of my favorite gifts that I gave my husband was a helicopter flight over Newport RI seacoast, it was truly scary and amazing at the same time. Definitely, something to do with someone you want to be close to because those things are tiny! A fun little gift to add is a cute helicopter shaped key chain. Check out // if you are in New England.cropped-bowicon1.png

Last but not least if your partner is a sports fan, in this case, a baseball fan, take a tour of the ballpark, there are so many different tours to take within a stadium. So much fun! Give a signed baseball along with the tour, any fan will love it. Red Sox fans can check out


I had so much fun putting this gift list together I hope you guys go out and enjoy it with your loved one!!!







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