Pleat and Repeat


The holiday season is upon us!! That means fun parties, get togethers and celebrations. So many events to attend and outfits to choose! Instead of wearing a dress how about trying a cute trend for the season?The pleated skirt!  This detail is so fun and playful, that you can dress up or down, adjust the length to suit your body shape and style.


There is never going to be a universal skirt that works for everyone, but by changing the length, pleat size and waist style you can find your perfect match!


I really enjoy the drama of a long skirt, this chiffon version has more of an open loose pleat that makes it flowy and feminine.



A metallic skirt is perfect for the holiday season, mix and max metallics for a bold twist. I paired it here with a leather jacket and a bustier for a sexy date night out look.


Don’t be afraid to pair different textures and finishes, it can really pull an outfit together and also create a unique look that is sophisticated and sleek. A fitted leather jacket balances out the volume that a pleat can give.


Keeping accessories to a  minimum is key when pulling this type of look off. Simple earrings like studs work perfectly, simple and sophisticated.


Golden velvet is party ready, but it can easily be dressed down, This adorable skirt is from Target and has to be one of my favorite pieces they have for the holidays.

The smocked waist is comfortable and lends itself to be accessorized with a great statement belt.


I little ankle sock brings a big style punch to an outfit, it’s whimsical and I am loving these ruched ones that have this great diamond pattern on them.


One of my favorite things to do is to mix patterns, textures, and fabrics. Tips to remember when mixing things up: chose patterns with different scales, organic shapes vs geometric shapes, and layering is key. By using the little neutral jacket I balanced out the outfit.


The shortest version of the blog and definitely the most versatile, this skirt can easily transition into any season. I can wear it with an adorable stripe tee and sneakers in the spring or summer.

To get different looks from a skirt is to change your legwear, whether it is opaque tights, ankle socks or a fun print. I love how the polka dots play up the straight lights of the pleats. Keep it light and playful don’t take it too seriously.



A few  reasons why to love a pleated skirt


  • Comfort, they are flowy and roomy
  • Versatile, they can easily go from season to season and be worn with almost any top
  • Pleats come in a variety of sizes and styles making easier to find a style that suits you the best
  • Wrinkles!  You don’t have to iron it or worry about getting up and having a crinkly skirt!
  • Staple, this style has been around forever it has had its ebbs and flows but it is timeless and a must have in any wardrobe.


Hope these ideas have inspired you to have fun with your wardrobe and to think outside the box during the holiday season!! Shop all the looks below!




productPleated Skirt - Bright red - Ladies | H&M US 2

Metallic Accordion-Pleated Midi Skirt

Slide View 2: Dotted Sheer Tight



5 thoughts on “Pleat and Repeat

  1. You have such a great unique sense of style! I’m seriously obsessed with these looks Julia. I can’t believe that gorgeous yellow skirt is from Target! That’s my favourite look by far from this post!


    1. Thank you so much ! I really appreciate it ! It means so much !! I know that Target skirt is too good for words! They have a gold lame style one online can’t wait to see it in person xo


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