Layering Into Fall

Don’t put away that summer wardrobe quite yet!  There are so many pieces that will beautifully transition you into fall. So ladies put down that pumpkin spice latte because its time to mix it up a bit and stand out in a crowd with your own personal style! Fall is such a great season to show it off by layering and accessorizing!

Let’s step outside the fall uniform for just a minute of plaid button-down shirts, distressed denim, and brown booties, look past the stripe shirts,  and army green jackets and get into layering and pattern play!

I am not saying that these combos are not great go-to looks, and I admit I love to wear my share of stripes! But how about adding in a leopard print or camo to make that look pop while acting as a neutral, or choose a duster cardigan that can be dressed up or down. Replace denim with corduroy or a twill pant. It’s about choosing pieces that are not only versatile but stylish. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, use them as neutrals to compliment each other.

Graphic T-shirts, bodysuits, tanks, lace camis, and blouses can be revived into a whole new look when you use them as an underlayer to cozy knit sweaters,  cardigans, vests, denim, and lightweight jackets. As we all know Fall can be unpredictable with its weather, why not be prepared to remove a layer on warm days or stay wrapped up when it’s a bit chillier?



Give a new life to your summer dresses by pairing them up with opaque tights, a cardigan, and booties. Another way to warm up those dresses is layer a long-sleeved shirt under it and/ or a vest on top.

Overalls were a fun trend this summer, which I loved and are definitely transitioning into fall, what could be better than a pair of pants that won’t ride down when bending over? All kidding aside overalls are cute, fun and comfortable! They are incredibly versatile for either running errands or a brunch date out with your friends, they are an easy trend to apply to your everyday style.pic8

One of the best pieces to transition from summer to fall has to be the sneaker, they have the ability to keep you feeling good and looking cute when temps range all over the board in the course of a day. So go ahead and rock those kicks all season!


To update past seasons wardrobe and make it fun and trendy you can layer in items that do not cost a fortune like scarves, belts, hats, handbags, and jewelry. They freshen up your closet and help you get more outfits out of it.


I hope you enjoyed reading along and feel inspired to revamp your fall closet with these tips!

Thank you for stopping by!

xo Julia

You can find all the clothes and accessories pictured above


Here are some of my picks for affordable accessories :




Mini Shopper With Strap 

Soft Touch Plaid Scarf 

Oversized Bead Necklace 

Leather Animal Print Belt 




Hair Band With Knot 

Earrings With Beads 

Bucket Bag 

Large Scarf 



Rust Fedora 

Double Cross Straps Belt 

Plaid Poncho

Drop Ball and Hoop Earrings











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